Independence is vital for you and for us. Your wishes are our priority. You state your needs. Freely and independently.
We take the solutions we have developed together and put them to work. You can rely on us to carry out all the demanding tasks involved. Thanks to our independence we can make use of excellent relationships which we cultivate with both Swiss and foreign banks.
You are our customer and you decide with which financial institutions we shall be collaborating on your behalf.

RFW & Associates Ltd is your partner. RFW stands for the initials of the three founders: Rychner, Feybli and Weber. We vouch for healthy growth, continuity and responsibility. Today we are four executive partners with many years of business experience. As different as we are, we all agree on our one ideal: To advise and look after our clients professionally, discreetly and individually. Together we form an innovative team, complementing each other with our comprehensive specialist knowledge.
Get to know one of the four partners at a personal meeting:

René Arthur FEYBLI
Dominique Raymond RYCHNER
Wolfgang STAUB